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You can take part by watching daily shows on iPlayer or the TV Red Button, or by going to Bitesize for interactive daily lessons. Here’s how:

Bitesize Daily - iPlayer and Red Button

Expert teachers have worked with us to create these fun-packed programmes full of learning and inspiration.

You'll find six different 20 minute inspirational shows per weekday on BBC iPlayer, each targeting children of different ages.

If you've already watched the show, take a look at these ways to continue your learning.

Click on an age group to watch today’s lesson for that group on iPlayer.

Today, 13 May, we're covering:

09:00 - Age 5-7

  • Science - Materials
  • Art and Design - Aboriginal Style

09:20 - Age 7-9

  • Science - What are magnets?
  • Art and Design - Picasso

09:40 - Age 9-11

  • Science - Frictions
  • Art and Design - Cityscapes

10:00 - Age 11-12

  • Chemistry - Atoms, elements and compounds
  • Maths - Sequences
  • Spanish - Food

10:20 - Age 12-13

  • Chemistry - Chemical reactions
  • Maths - Sequences
  • Spanish - Food

10:40 - Age 13-14

  • Chemistry - Periodic Table
  • Maths - Quadratic sequences
  • Spanish - Food
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Bitesize Daily Lessons - Online

Easy to follow daily lessons in maths, English and one other core subject, for year groups 1-10.

Designed in collaboration with teachers, these lessons give lots of opportunities to learn and practice.

If you want to plan ahead, take a look at our two-week schedule to see which topics are coming up.

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