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Why are people attacking 5G mobile phone masts

Why are people attacking 5G mobile phone masts?
Why are people attacking 5G mobile phone masts?

Tanya Beckett looks at 5G and examines why it’s become the centre of conspiracy theories linking it to the coronavirus and others.  What is it about the latest mobile technology which some find so alarming that it drives them to attack and burn down this infrastructure?  And what draws people to conspiracy theories - even when all available evidence says they’re wrong.  

Reporter  Tanya Beckett 
Producer Jim Frank

Broadband firm reports 5G conspiracy abuse incidents

PA Media

Broadband engineers are facing threats and abuse prompted by 5G conspiracy theories, it has been reported.

Openreach, which maintains the telephone and broadband network, said employees had faced intimation both in public and online.

It said among dozens of problems reported last month were several cases of engineers having personal social media profiles featured on conspiracy websites.

Phone mast

One employee working in Walthamstow was called a "murderer" by an angry crowd, while another driving his Openreach van in Thurmaston, Leicestershire, was abused by a man shouting "5G is killing us all".

An Openreach spokesman said: "It's not only deeply concerning but totally misjudged, as our engineers are key workers.

"They're playing a vital role in connecting crucial public services, vulnerable customers and millions of friends, families and businesses throughout the UK."