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Covid-19 survivor's daughter stoned in Ghana


Matilda in Ghana
Matilda says she now ignores her neighbours

A Covid-19 survivor in Ghana has told the BBC about how the experience affected her family.

Matilda, from Upper East Region, is pregnant and says her ordeal began on 28 March when she got a sore throat and had to go to hospital:

I couldn’t take water nor any food. When I went to the hospital they took my sample, and at the end they said it was the virus. I wasn’t bothered. I looked to God.

They quarantined me for one month. They tested my daughter - she was negative. She was at home while I was quarantined.

She told me that children stoned her and told her that she’s a ‘coronavirus child’ and that she should be indoors.

I started worrying about her. People were sitting under the trees watching the children stone her. She had to run for her life.

At the beginning, when I came home, people weren’t treating me right.

Now I stay home and don’t go out.

My husband and my family - we chat, we do everything, they’re making me happier.

It’s better I ignore [the neighbours]. When you listen to them as a pregnant woman - it’s not the best.”